How Stockholm is good for you

The story of how Stockholm is good for you

Consider a 40-hour workweek, a minimum of five weeks of vacation a year, 480 days of paid parental leave, clean air and nature just around the corner. Add values in the form of flat hierarchies, gender equality and ethnic diversity at work and you get Stockholm: a booming tech scene that is quite unlike any other major startup hub in the world.

When we asked international talents why they moved to Stockholm the most common answer was that they knew about the companies here, our unicorns and the booming tech scene. But when we asked them why they chose to stay in Stockholm, we got a different answer: ”Stockholm is simply good for you”. Meet three of our international talents that call Stockholm home and find out why flat hierarchies, diversity and parental leave are the reasons we have some of the best talents in the world here in Stockholm.

If you’re more interested in data, here’s a study by LinkedIn which shows that Stockholm has no net talent outflow to any region in the world.

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