Stockholm – the health tech hub

The story of health tech in Stockholm

Health tech is an emerging field that provides new types of services and products for lifestyle changes and health care. Positioned at the interface between traditional life science and ICT the Health Tech industry has a broad audience of costumers, ranging from individuals to health care providers and insurance companies.

Health tech includes concepts like Digital health, e-health, Life Log, m-health, Quantified Self, Tele-health, Wearables and Well Tech.

Today, technological innovations are transforming health care on a global
scale and creates irresistible business opportunities along the way.

Prolonged life expectancies and growing numbers of patients with chronic
diseases, along with the fact that people are becoming more and more
interested in assuming more personal control of their health and wellness,
have led to a situation where countries all over the world are facing everincreasing demands for healthcare services. Unfortunately, the other side of the equation, the healthcare funding, isn’t keeping up. Something has to happen, and that something is Health tech.

Have a look at some of the reasons why so much of this interesting development is taking place in the Stockholm-Uppsala region in this report. And why we think you should get in early.

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