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With real-time connection  To the whole world

Stockholm has one of the world's largest municipal fiber-optic networks, offering our population and companies reliable, high-speed internet access.

The length of Stockholm City's fiber network


Our fiber-optic cables wrap

times around the earth

A thriving market

Work and pleasure  Travelers flock to Stockholm

Bed nights in Stockholm 2023

Out of a total of 15 126 872 bed nights

Swedish bed nights
Foreign bed nights

We Welcome all travelers  First-timers and familiar faces

Stockholm is the center of Sweden’s tourism industry and a popular destination for new and returning travelers.

Bed nights in Stockholm 2019-2023


Some visit more  Frequently than others

We regularly host travellers from all corners of the globe with the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom typically dominating foreign visits to Stockholm.

Bed nights per country 2023

USA759 500
Germany620 000
United Kingdom386 800
Norway284 400
Finland270 300
France218 900
Denmark204 700
The Netherlands168 600
Italy160 500
Spain139 500
Switzerland132 600
Poland119 100
Austria84 700
Belgium77 800
China58 400
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Many stay and make  Stockholm their new home

Stockholm is one of the world’s most liveable cities. Our international residents often come for the opportunities and stay for the quality of life.

Anyone can be   a Stockholmer

It doesn’t matter where you’re from. When you move to the Stockholm region, we welcome you into our growing and inclusive family.

Population in Stockholm 2023

A forward-thinking population  Means a Thriving market

We may be a relatively small capital, but our bright, competent population is a force to be reckoned with. Stockholm is a globally-renowned ideas factory and a hotbed of groundbreaking innovations.

New companies we welcomed in the region in 2023

Future opportunities

A market where ideas  Become opportunities

Stockholm is the economic growth engine of the Nordic countries and one of Europe’s fastest-growing regions. Global investors are increasingly turning their gaze to our region to discover the next rising star.

Total amount invested in companies in the region


Don’t miss out! Areas investors  are eager to get into

Health, FinTech and Energy are the industries in the region which are of the most interest to investors.

Number of VC investments 2023


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