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A dynamic ecosystem of brilliant minds
A dynamic ecosystemof brilliant minds

Stockholm is a magnet for bright minds from across the globe. Businesses based in the region get rare access to some of today’s most in-demand talent. It’s also one of the few places in the world where you don’t need the local lingo to get by.

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Helping businesses andtalent to thrive

Helping businesses and talent to thrive

Our mission is to help you reach your potential. We help to match international businesses with the world's top talent.

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Assemble your dream team

Setting up or expanding your international business in the Stockholm region? We offer tailor-made solutions to help you recruit talent or relocate your existing employees.

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Why work
in Stockholm

Why Stockholm is a talent hub

Picture overlooking co-working and impact hub Norrsken in StockholmPhoto: Julia Donka, FLB Europa
Picture overlooking co-working and impact hub Norrsken in StockholmPhoto: Julia Donka, FLB Europa
Reason #1

It's the place to be

We’ve been called the Silicon Valley of Europe, but we’re not really one for comparisons. All we know is that Stockholm is a world center for innovation, a city with unstoppable creativity that is often hailed as a hub for global talent. But it’s not just a happy coincidence - we actively build and nurture our ecosystem and continuously strive to support those within it.

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Local resident enjoying a winter run in the snow with his dog.Photo: Ulf Leide
Reason #2

Work-life brilliance

You’ll often hear it said that us Swedes have nailed this work-life balance thing. But do you want to know a (not-so-well-kept) secret? It doesn’t just make us happier in general, it also improves our performance and makes us more productive. Combine it with the equal opportunities afforded to both men and women, and you’ve got yourself a sizable, capable and highly-driven workforce.

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People dancing at a music eventPhoto: Visit Stockholm, Oskar Scheller
Reason #3

Creating global impact together

Stockholm is a progressive city committed to solving the world’s most pressing challenges. The Swedish government, academia, the City of Stockholm and its business community continuously collaborate to generate positive global impact. We believe more heads are better than one and welcome like-minded businesses and talent with open arms. Together we can move mountains.


Live and work in Stockholm

Stockholm is a magnet for brilliant minds. Living and working here means being part of a dynamic business ecosystem and enjoying an enviably high quality of life.

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