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Photo: Henrik Trygg

Health Tech company QUMEA chooses Stockholm

Health Tech company QUMEA chooses Stockholm

With artificial intelligence and sensors, the company wants to make healthcare safer while also freeing up time for personnel. The Swiss company has now chosen Stockholm as its base in the Nordic region. "Stockholm has unique conditions for our industry to grow", says Micha Kaempfer, VP QUMEA Nordics.

Founded in 2019, the company offers a comprehensive mobility monitoring system for patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities. The system enables early, targeted and reliable warning and can thus prevent falls, make treatment success measurable, and simplify care processes.

QUMEA continuously monitors activity and mobility of every patient and automatically calls for help, depending on the individual need of each patient. As opposed to cameras and other optical sensors, the QUMEA solution fulfils the highest requirements for data protection and does not intrude in anyones privacy.

– Our goal is to make healthcare safer through our solution. Patients should not be harmed unnecessarily. The staff who are on site 24/7 should feel that their work is easier by implementing our solution, says Micha Kaempfer.

Smart sensors from Qumea.Photo: Roger Hofstetter
Smart sensors from Qumea.
Photo: Roger Hofstetter

Why establish in Stockholm?

– There are so many companies within healthcare and life sciences here in Stockholm and the access to other actors and investments was very important. The fact that Stockholm is at the forefront of technology creates good conditions for our industry to grow here.

– Things like secure authentication and relatively high degree of digital maturity creates unique opportunities to work both preventively and personalized. So in business terms, we saw great potential here.

How did Stockholm Business Region help you?

– Through their network we have gained important contacts that have guided us in the sales process. They have been essential in connection with the establishment, where they acted as advisors throughout the process. We have also received recommendations for legal advice and information on good procurement consultants.

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